IPO Listing


With a stock exchange listing, you will have the opportunity to add cheap and venture capital into your business.

This International stamp of approval will make your company appear more serious to partners and customers.

Following an IPO, it will be easier to raise additional capital if the growth of business is to continue to be supported.

Generational exchange can also be solved by a stock exchange listing.

Listing on Nasdaq First North does not have to be problematic, expensive or time consuming.

When your company enters with Norden CEF, we work with a 360-degree approach. This means that all elements of the process are handled by us.

In collaboration with our experienced team and expert panel, we ensure that your company organization is prepared for an IPO in a structured, efficient, and professional manner.

We handle the process before, during and after the listing, so you can fully focus on the operation and development of the company.

With Norden CEF as facilitator and partner, the listing on Nasdaq First North will be easy to manage and transparent.

How Much Time?

A listing on Nasdaq First North typically takes from 6+ months; however, the starting point is your company’s needs and readiness. In the event, that the business needs to mature, it may take longer. Timing is crucial.

How Will Norden CEF Assist?

We have solution proposals for all elements of a stock exchange listing process, from pre-screening to the final listing.

On the way to the IPO listing, we assist with solution proposals for board composition, organizational structure, document management, strategy process, pre-IPO funding, choice of market maker bank, investors, investor relationship (IR) pitch and prospectus execution.

Your company is strengthened on its way to the stock exchange, where Norden CEFs unique partner model provides access to necessary resources.

Before the process begins, all costs are stated so that your company gets the full overview.